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Teaching Innovation From The Top Down

These days, much is written about how to encourage employees to think more innovatively, to encourage their creativity. Every few days brings a new blog entry about encouraging design thinking and helping employees engage the right hemisphere of their brain as well as their left in order to facilitate more radical insight for problem-solving. And there is no doubt that most people have more innate creativity than their everyday lives and jobs encourage them to utilize. There is an increasing body of anecdotal evidence that this creativity, if nurtured, properly engaged and channeled can allow a company’s existing workforce to evolve into an army of ideators, problem solvers and potential innovators. But then what? Continue reading

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Who's Who? What's What? What's Real In An Internet world?

The New Yorker published a cartoon in 1993 which shows a dog sitting at a computer terminal saying to another dog, “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” A few years ago, I went to a talk given by one of the computer graphics experts who worked on Jurassic Park. He was describing how they created many of the dinosaurs in the movie completely by computer. He went on to day that within a decade, they will be able to create human beings on film completely by computer without any need for actors. The power of Photoshop to recreate photographic reality is seen as magazines are caught digitally manipulating photos to meet their needs. Continue reading

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