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Mixing People. Fueling Innovation.

I’ve spent several years working in Silicon Valley where the diversity of brain power conveyed in the breadth of engineers, social scientists, mathematicians, physical scientists and other professionals from varied academic disciplines and different parts of the world contributes to its cache as a technology innovation hotspot. Continue reading

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Failing: How Fast Is Too Fast?

“Fail fast, fail often, fail cheaply”. Thus goes the mantra of innovation in 2009. And it’s correct; generate lots of ideas, however absurd, and critique them later. Know when to cut your losses and move on and do so with the minimum investment possible. But here’s the rub: how fast is too fast? After all, it’s very easy to say no, to reject an idea and move on. Innovation may start with the generation of ideas, but that’s not where it ends, that’s merely the beginning of the pipeline. If all that is happening is the generation of large numbers of ideas and the expediting of them through a pipeline to be quickly judged by one or two executives who may themselves epitomize the very barriers to innovation that the process was put in place to help break down, then this is innovation in name only and, ultimately, is unlikely to generate great breakthroughs or cost savings. Continue reading

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