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Why The Next Big Thing Is, In Fact, A Really Big Thing

Every second, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) near Geneva, Switzerland produces 40 terabytes of data. That’s more data than can be currently stored and analyzed. The scientists working on the project are forced to collect just a slim set of the data and they hesitantly ignore the rest. While this example is at the top end of the data deluge that our increasingly digitized world is creating, we can all relate to other, closer to home examples: Every minute, 20 hours of video is uploaded to the popular video-sharing site, YouTube. On Facebook, the biggest and most popular social networking site, 2 billion photos are uploaded each month. Whether it is our text messages (a volume greater than the population of the earth are sent each day), or credit card transactions that reveal the intimate details of our purchasing behaviors, or recorded search entries in search engines that tell us so much about the human experience, or the cameras that photograph and video us as we go about out daily activities, the quantity of data that humanity is collecting and storing is staggering. And it’s increasing exponentially. We call it big data. Continue reading

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Is The iPad A Disruptive Technology?

In January Apple announced the iPad. Immediately the response was overwhelming and completely bi-modal. One group of commentators believed the iPad was a revolutionary product which will usher in a new era of technology use. The other group complained that the iPad was neither fish nor fowl, they already owned both a phone and notebook computer and no one wanted to carry yet another technology device. As the debate grew more heated over the past month, it occurred to me that this debate could be viewed in terms of innovation. Is the iPad a sustaining or disruptive innovation? Continue reading

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