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PwC iPlace – Six Factors Behind Our Success

It is becoming increasingly important to accelerate innovation by discovering, developing, and implementing ideas that increase the speed of delivering new products and services.  Here at PwC, and as in other organizations, people are bubbling over with ideas and creative … Continue reading

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Innovate, Or Go Home

How much new value did you provide your organization today? Did you suggest creative ways to go about a common task that resulted in better outcomes? Are your work behaviors keeping you relevant? If these questions are not top of mind for you yet, they will be. Your future gainful employment may depend on being able to answer them with resounding positivity. Intrigued? Read on. Continue reading

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Set Your Future Free

As the global economic crisis forces businesses to operate leaner, competition continues to accelerate at lightning speed. Simultaneously, consumers are clampingdown on discretionary spending and demanding more value and options in the purchases they make. Innovation management—or finding and realizing … Continue reading

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Can Cost-Based Innovation Help Solve Our Debt Crisis?

Each of us are painfully aware of the new economic reality in which we find ourselves: national, state, and local government debt is skyrocketing. Simply put, it costs a lot more to provide and maintain government services than is taken in through taxes and other sources of revenue and thus we are forced to borrow to cover the difference. Every commentator on this subject offers essentially only three near-term solutions to the problem: raise taxes (there’s also a good argument for lowering taxes), cut services and programs, and reduce the civil service payroll. And while all of these have historically played an important role in some form of debt remediation, I’m struck by the absence of the role of innovation in this national discourse. I’m not talking about entrepreneurial innovation which of course is a considerable generator of income and taxes; I’m talking specifically about cost-based innovation. Continue reading

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