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PwC iPlace – Recognition is Something Special

There is a phrase I once heard – “being part of something special makes you special”- and our approach to recognition celebrates just that, being special.  Innovation at PwC requires the unique talents of our people.  By recognizing how special … Continue reading

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The 3 Tensions of Internal IT Innovation

Internal IT innovation is all about converting ideas, those specifically supported by new technologies, into business value. These innovations often focus on needs such as improved internal processes or alternative and creative ways to support market activities. Four years into leading PwC’s IT innovation efforts, I’ve certainly observed enough of what works and what creates challenge to write a book on the subject. For this blog posting I’m going to briefly discuss an element of what I’ve experienced. It’s what I will call the 3 tensions of internal IT innovation. Continue reading

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Spotting the Gorilla in the Room

While attending a company training seminar a couple of years ago, I was part of a group shown a video. The video showed six people – three in white shirts and three in black shirts-passing basketballs around. We were asked … Continue reading

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Innovation Horizons

Companies need to recognize that they need different approaches, techniques and even management styles for each Innovation Horizon. It is not necessary to pursue all three types of innovations, but it is necessary to define which Horizon(s) you are focused on, and apply the right techniques for each Horizon. Continue reading

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