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Ideas in Limbo: How to Get Ideas to a State of Decision

It is easy to make a decision on ideas you are passionate about.  But what about ideas which seem interesting, but which you don’t know what to do with?  At PwC, we’ve discovered that there is this area of limbo … Continue reading

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Getting to your best mobile strategy

Tom Conophy of InterContinental Hotels Group describes the importance of a sound cultural and management foundation for mobile innovation.  This interview was conducted by Bo Parker and Alan Morrison of PwC’s Center for Technology and Innovation. PwC: You have been … Continue reading

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The Power of a Challenge – Steps to Maximize Participation and Value

Organizations have thousands of great employees who come to work every day ready to fulfill their job responsibilities and tackle the issues of the day.  Though charged with specific roles and responsibilities, employees have a world of experience beyond just … Continue reading

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Mother Knows Best

Innovation comes in all shapes and sizes. Rethinking a decision, rethinking a process, even rethinking a mood all prompt us to innovate. I actually like the word “rethink.” Rather than using the buzz words of change… rethinking puts you in the driver’s seat to consider new possibilities or different paths. It suggests engaging your brain to find different options. Continue reading

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Does It Have To Be Rocket Science?

What I really learned at NASA has little to do with space exploration and everything to do with everyday life. I was reminded that we all face similar issues — and innovation is really a people issue. Maybe not everyone dreams of space travel, but everyone should be allowed to dream and have the opportunity to make a difference. Continue reading

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It’s A Whole Lot Easier To Take Risk When You Have Nothing To Lose!

I was at a meeting last week of large enterprise innovation leaders. We meet a few times a year and discuss the issues we face in trying to accelerate innovation at our respective companies. What always amazes me is that whether you make rocket ships, toothpaste, drugs or even provide professional services, the core issues of innovation remain the same. We all face similar issues around adoption of new innovations, getting management to understand the nature of breakthrough innovations, dealing with the resistance of existing business units to new ideas. During this meeting one of the members made an interesting presentation about the history of a new innovation they were introducing into the market. Continue reading

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Organizational Hierarchy – Breaking Down the Barriers

Some experiences happen in our careers which forever burn in memory. For me, I will never forget the first time I was given the opportunity to present to a Vice President. Early in my career, I came up with an idea to save hundreds of thousands of dollars by revising our existing processes, and my manager asked me to present the idea. To be given this opportunity and for my idea to be heard left quite the impression on me as a young employee. I never forgot the sense of empowerment it gave me – I felt valued. Continue reading

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Keeping an "Eye" on Innovation

Innovation is not necessarily limited to new technologies or new products. Today, companies are touted as innovative for reinventing business models, building entirely new markets, or looking through a different lens to creatively meet customer needs. Employees are an important … Continue reading

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Challenging Our People

One of Leadership’s core responsibilities is to address issues and challenges within the business. But what if we flipped that model and gave part of that responsibility to our employees? People are our greatest asset as we hire the best and brightest to join us in delivering the highest quality professional services, so involving them in addressing challenges is imperative. Now with the power of new technologies, the discussion that once took place in a conference room can be opened to everyone across the globe for their ideas and thoughts. As such, we found a way to tap into the knowledge and expertise of our people and challenge them to help solve the business challenges facing us. Continue reading

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Tainted Love

It’s clearly Pollyannaish to believe that standard business practices can or will change so radically for most companies, at least in the short-term. However, there does seem to be evidence that the innovation of bringing clarity, transparency and good faith to dealings with customers is a sound business strategy and not just the latest marketing gimmick. Continue reading

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