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Challenging Our People

One of Leadership’s core responsibilities is to address issues and challenges within the business. But what if we flipped that model and gave part of that responsibility to our employees? People are our greatest asset as we hire the best and brightest to join us in delivering the highest quality professional services, so involving them in addressing challenges is imperative. Now with the power of new technologies, the discussion that once took place in a conference room can be opened to everyone across the globe for their ideas and thoughts. As such, we found a way to tap into the knowledge and expertise of our people and challenge them to help solve the business challenges facing us. Continue reading

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PwC iPlace – Six Factors Behind Our Success

It is becoming increasingly important to accelerate innovation by discovering, developing, and implementing ideas that increase the speed of delivering new products and services.  Here at PwC, and as in other organizations, people are bubbling over with ideas and creative … Continue reading

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Mixing People. Fueling Innovation.

I’ve spent several years working in Silicon Valley where the diversity of brain power conveyed in the breadth of engineers, social scientists, mathematicians, physical scientists and other professionals from varied academic disciplines and different parts of the world contributes to its cache as a technology innovation hotspot. Continue reading

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Innovating Through Contests

The growing adoption of open innovation strategies represents recognition that no matter how large a company may be, there are lots of people outside the company with relevant good ideas. Successful contests have a number of common characteristics which should be considered in planning a contest. Companies should consider contests a powerful tool in their innovation arsenal. Contests have incredible power to motivate creativity and expand the population of people helping solve problems. Continue reading

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