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Ideas in Limbo: How to Get Ideas to a State of Decision

It is easy to make a decision on ideas you are passionate about.  But what about ideas which seem interesting, but which you don’t know what to do with?  At PwC, we’ve discovered that there is this area of limbo … Continue reading

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Does It Have To Be Rocket Science?

What I really learned at NASA has little to do with space exploration and everything to do with everyday life. I was reminded that we all face similar issues — and innovation is really a people issue. Maybe not everyone dreams of space travel, but everyone should be allowed to dream and have the opportunity to make a difference. Continue reading

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Organizational Hierarchy – Breaking Down the Barriers

Some experiences happen in our careers which forever burn in memory. For me, I will never forget the first time I was given the opportunity to present to a Vice President. Early in my career, I came up with an idea to save hundreds of thousands of dollars by revising our existing processes, and my manager asked me to present the idea. To be given this opportunity and for my idea to be heard left quite the impression on me as a young employee. I never forgot the sense of empowerment it gave me – I felt valued. Continue reading

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Be A Good Corporate Parent!

Innovation must begin to take front and center in most corporations’ succession planning; to do otherwise is to not do a good job of parenting the next generation of executives. Continue reading

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Companies Need All The Innovation They Can Get

In a recent Bloomberg article entitled “Why Companies Need Less Innovation” Pat Lencioni makes the case that companies should not be asking employees to be innovators. He goes as far as to say that leaders should not even be open to more ideas from their employees and that only a few people really need to innovative. He suggests that rank and file employees should not try to innovate but simply “do their jobs and satisfy customers in the most effective and charismatic way possible, but within the bounds of sound business principles.” Continue reading

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PwC iPlace – Recognition is Something Special

There is a phrase I once heard – “being part of something special makes you special”- and our approach to recognition celebrates just that, being special.  Innovation at PwC requires the unique talents of our people.  By recognizing how special … Continue reading

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The 3 Tensions of Internal IT Innovation

Internal IT innovation is all about converting ideas, those specifically supported by new technologies, into business value. These innovations often focus on needs such as improved internal processes or alternative and creative ways to support market activities. Four years into leading PwC’s IT innovation efforts, I’ve certainly observed enough of what works and what creates challenge to write a book on the subject. For this blog posting I’m going to briefly discuss an element of what I’ve experienced. It’s what I will call the 3 tensions of internal IT innovation. Continue reading

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Spotting the Gorilla in the Room

While attending a company training seminar a couple of years ago, I was part of a group shown a video. The video showed six people – three in white shirts and three in black shirts-passing basketballs around. We were asked … Continue reading

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Innovation Horizons

Companies need to recognize that they need different approaches, techniques and even management styles for each Innovation Horizon. It is not necessary to pursue all three types of innovations, but it is necessary to define which Horizon(s) you are focused on, and apply the right techniques for each Horizon. Continue reading

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Innovate, Or Go Home

How much new value did you provide your organization today? Did you suggest creative ways to go about a common task that resulted in better outcomes? Are your work behaviors keeping you relevant? If these questions are not top of mind for you yet, they will be. Your future gainful employment may depend on being able to answer them with resounding positivity. Intrigued? Read on. Continue reading

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