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Getting to your best mobile strategy

Tom Conophy of InterContinental Hotels Group describes the importance of a sound cultural and management foundation for mobile innovation.  This interview was conducted by Bo Parker and Alan Morrison of PwC’s Center for Technology and Innovation. PwC: You have been … Continue reading

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Does It Have To Be Rocket Science?

What I really learned at NASA has little to do with space exploration and everything to do with everyday life. I was reminded that we all face similar issues — and innovation is really a people issue. Maybe not everyone dreams of space travel, but everyone should be allowed to dream and have the opportunity to make a difference. Continue reading

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It’s A Whole Lot Easier To Take Risk When You Have Nothing To Lose!

I was at a meeting last week of large enterprise innovation leaders. We meet a few times a year and discuss the issues we face in trying to accelerate innovation at our respective companies. What always amazes me is that whether you make rocket ships, toothpaste, drugs or even provide professional services, the core issues of innovation remain the same. We all face similar issues around adoption of new innovations, getting management to understand the nature of breakthrough innovations, dealing with the resistance of existing business units to new ideas. During this meeting one of the members made an interesting presentation about the history of a new innovation they were introducing into the market. Continue reading

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Spotting the Gorilla in the Room

While attending a company training seminar a couple of years ago, I was part of a group shown a video. The video showed six people – three in white shirts and three in black shirts-passing basketballs around. We were asked … Continue reading

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Innovation Horizons

Companies need to recognize that they need different approaches, techniques and even management styles for each Innovation Horizon. It is not necessary to pursue all three types of innovations, but it is necessary to define which Horizon(s) you are focused on, and apply the right techniques for each Horizon. Continue reading

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Set Your Future Free

As the global economic crisis forces businesses to operate leaner, competition continues to accelerate at lightning speed. Simultaneously, consumers are clampingdown on discretionary spending and demanding more value and options in the purchases they make. Innovation management—or finding and realizing … Continue reading

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