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Innovate, Or Go Home

How much new value did you provide your organization today? Did you suggest creative ways to go about a common task that resulted in better outcomes? Are your work behaviors keeping you relevant? If these questions are not top of mind for you yet, they will be. Your future gainful employment may depend on being able to answer them with resounding positivity. Intrigued? Read on. Continue reading

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Everyone's a Critic

There has been a lot of recent media attention, and general outrage around Facebook’s social plugins which essentially extend Facebook’s “Like” functionality to any website that installs the plugin, allowing Facebook users to share their likes and dislikes of products, … Continue reading

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The iPad Innovates By Doing Less, Not More

I finally got my 3G 64GB iPad on Sunday May 2nd (I was travelling and wasn’t home on April 30th when it was delivered). I have been using it extensively, on planes, in cars (with someone else driving), at home, at restaurants and sitting outside in the sun, and I agree the iPad is an amazing device. What makes it magical is not so much what it does, but all the things it doesn’t. Sometimes great innovations are not on new features but on the careful design and simplification of features we already know. Continue reading

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Why The Next Big Thing Is, In Fact, A Really Big Thing

Every second, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) near Geneva, Switzerland produces 40 terabytes of data. That’s more data than can be currently stored and analyzed. The scientists working on the project are forced to collect just a slim set of the data and they hesitantly ignore the rest. While this example is at the top end of the data deluge that our increasingly digitized world is creating, we can all relate to other, closer to home examples: Every minute, 20 hours of video is uploaded to the popular video-sharing site, YouTube. On Facebook, the biggest and most popular social networking site, 2 billion photos are uploaded each month. Whether it is our text messages (a volume greater than the population of the earth are sent each day), or credit card transactions that reveal the intimate details of our purchasing behaviors, or recorded search entries in search engines that tell us so much about the human experience, or the cameras that photograph and video us as we go about out daily activities, the quantity of data that humanity is collecting and storing is staggering. And it’s increasing exponentially. We call it big data. Continue reading

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Why Digital Abundance May be Good for Quality

If you’re reading this blog entry then you’ve made an important decision.  You’ve decided that among all the different ways you could spend your time, reading my blog is a worthwhile option.  So, in the same way those in the … Continue reading

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My Personal Top 10 IT Predictions for 2010

One of my responsibilities as the Director of IT Innovations at PwC is to research and develop insights on the impact of emerging technologies. This year, I’m sharing with you my thoughts on what I believe may be the big IT trends in 2010. While I was somewhat tempted to be bold and creative in my forecast, I decided to ground the Top 10 in areas that have some real momentum. If you agree with the predictions, what might that mean for your work and your industry? In what area do you think I got it completely wrong? I’d love to know what you think. Continue reading

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Why It May Be Time To Put Your Head In The Cloud

One of the most widely discussed technology buzzwords of 2009 has been Cloud Computing. However, unlike other hyped technology, this one exhibits significant substance. It is worth understanding what it is and why it matters. While the term is relatively … Continue reading

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